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About Award Global Group

Award Global Group was established in 2001, after 13 years’ rapid development, we are ranked to be one of the best Chinese one-stop professional service companies in Australia. Our major businesses include migration, financial business, real estate and concert production.


“To Be or Not To Be”
The first day we were in the market, we told ourselves that we should be the best. We should be taking whatever it takes to look after our staffs and clients to the best interest. We should be endeavoring our best effort to make sure our staffs and clients are all happy! Any milestone is another starting point for us. We will be continuously working towards higher goals, for the benefits of all the associated parties.


Award Migration

Award Migration are driven by “customer service culture”, this will epitomize not only professional knowledge, but a dedication to integrity and responsiveness to every customer whom we have the privilege of serving. We are proudly provide the one-stop service from collecting documentations, interview skilling, visa processing to helping you settle in Australia.


Award Mortgage Solutions

Over the last decade, Award Mortgage has built a trustworthy and professional reputation in the mortgage industry. We pride on our ability to always deliver on what we promise. Our business is fully resourced with a dedicated back office team solely for research, support and client care. As a firm we have obtained VIP status with some of the major lenders in Australia. We are regulated by the ASIC and ACCC, we are also a Full Member of the MFAA and rigidly adhere to their code of ethics. All our consultants are fully qualified and licensed and undertake regular training.


Award Property

Award Property is also continuing to flourish in the Australian property market at the same time, as we are well experienced in the Property development & Property investment in Australian & Asian Market and have the high sensitiveness to the property market. We continuing to be succeed by doing whatever it takes to be the best in the property market with our customers at the centre of everything we do.


Award Entertainment

Award Entertainment is one of the leading Asian entertaining companies in Australia. With years of accumulated experiences, we have grown into a mature and professional team. The success of Jay Chou’s concerts have provided us with a solid foundation. The concerts have also broken many records in Australia and attracted the attention from all sectors of society. Following the success of Jay Chou, Award Entertainment brought another worldwide famous artists to Sydney — BIGBANG in 2015. This Korean Idol group has seized everyone’s attention with their eight new songs from the [MADE] mini album series, including the big hit <BANG BANG BANG>, <Loser> and so on, ranked 1st in almost every music record in Korea. The success also brought them the big award ‘Artist of the Year’ from MAMA. Award Entertainment implemented our consistently careful and proactive working attitude and successfully held two BIGBANG [MADE] Tour concerts in Allphones Arena. This is the first time that Asian artists have performed two shows successively in the biggest venue in Sydney. The preeminent artists, plus the world first class production, presented the enthusiastic fans a great audio-visual feast. Other than that, the stage of the [MADE] Tour Sydney is recognized as the biggest stage ever built in Allphones Arena. This event has brought Awrad Entertainemtn to a entirely new level of success. The biggest scale of venue, passionate audiences, super sized stage production, first-class sound effect and the devoted performance of artists and bands made the incredible concert come true. This concert has comfirmed the leading role of Award Entertainment in the Australian entertaining industry.


Australia, the fascinating country located in the southern hemisphere, with her unique multicultural background, gathers all the admirers and music artists together from all over the world. Owning several the world’s must-choose touring venues,  entertainment industry in Australia has immeasurable strength and potentials. Every artist performed here has gained the unprecedented experiences. Not only the great passion of the fans here, but also the unique views of Australia have made the artists too delighted to leave. We, Award Entertainment, would endeavor to bring the first-class artists and their music to the southern hemisphere, with our superior production and top-ranking team.


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Address: Suite 306, 370 Pitt Street Sydney NSW Australia 2000

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